Worldwide Home Delivery for 5 Pieces to 500 Pieces by FedEx ( or DHL ( with Discounted Rates.

We need following information for the Home Delivery By FedEx or DHL:

1. Contact Person:

2. Address:

3. City:

4. State/ Province:

5. Country:

6. Zip/ Postal Code:

7. Telephone Number:

Goods will go Singapore or UAE(Dubai) First. After that it will go from Singapore or UAE(Dubai) to other Countries by  FedEx or DHL.

Home Delivery Discounted Rates of FedEx or DHL:

To Download FedEx or DHL Shipping Rates in PDF Please Click on the Following Download Button:

FedEx Express International Countries/Territories Served and Not Served Click On The Following Link.


Terms & Condition:

( 1 ) Volume weight will be calculate when it will be higher than Gross weight.( Length x Width x Height _CM) / 5000 = Volumetric ( Kg )

( 2 ) Destination Country customs Duty / Taxes, VAT, Handling charges are not included in this quotation. Destination country customs requirement must be provide by the Consignee / Receiver.

( 3 ) Risk country : Afganistan, Burundi, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Niger, Mali, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Congo, North Korea, Liberia, Somalia. Risk charge for Document USD 40 and Non Document USD 80

( 4 ) Russia : sample shipment not allowed by Personal / individual name, if send Destination will reject and need to pay return + re-forwarding charge.


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